Based in Copenhagen Denmark.
I am always looking for new people to play with...
If you might be interested please contact me.
Tel: +45 2124 8898

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Here is some of my music from other constellations:

The acoustic tunes ( 2, 4 and 6 ) are with my good friend
and bass player Esben Bladbjerg from 2013

The Trio tunes ( 1, 3 and 5 ) are from a recording session in May 2010
with Klavs Hovman on bass and Tony Delgado on drums.

And finally a rock/jazz blues and a Bach cello Prelude. :-)

Travels - is a tune by Pat Metheny. A simple but beautiful melody.

Two For The Road - is a bossa nova jazz standard by Henry Mancini.
Lovely Melody and nice chords for soloing over.

Memories - is a latin jazz standard by Keith Jarrett. Also nice chords for soloing over.

James - Another lovely Pat Metheny tune.

Very Early - is a jazz standard by Bill Evans. One of the tougher tunes to play over.

Turn Around - A fine an easy Blues.

No Notice - is a blues by Mike Stern.
My guitar solo is much too long but hey ... it was fun.
An older recording from 1990.

Bach Cello Prelude 2 - Nothing beats Bach